BCAI is 100% open-door.

We understand that life happens. We also understand that if it were up to you, your child (or you, yourself) would never have to give up what invokes joy, strength, and value because of finances.

We have core pricing and in addition, offer unique plans for you and/or your family for when things get a little difficult.

We cannot help if you do not communicate.

Purpose reigns here, not money.

Basic Pricing

$40 MONTH - 1 CLASS 


$90 MONTH - Unlimited classes for 2 students

$100 MONTH - Unlimited classes for 3 students

$110 MONTH - Unlimited classes for 4+ students

Step Inn Performance Team: $20/month

First class is always $40 and $20 for every additional class or student after that. If adding a class onto SIPT, that class will be $40. The SIPT cost will be $40/mo starting in the fall.

Pay Online

Now you can pay your monthly dues securely online using paypal.

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