Angelique Racki
Founder, CEO, Executive Director

Darrell Richards
Primary Board Member - Business/Risk Director, Hands That program lead

Shena Palmer
Primary Board Member - Student Development Team

Master Team

Sara Almaraz
Internal Accounts Director, Integrity committee lead

Germaine Mosher
External Accounts Officer

Tarria Horsley
BCAI Events Officer, PR/Marketing Director

Nick Horsley
Finance Director

Anneke Niles
Graphic Design

Jasmyne Payne
Graphic Design, PR/Marketing

Shannon Busick
Graphic Design

Alandrea Kiann
Dance Instruction

Pabitra Raut
Dance Instruction

Meghna Rao
Dance Instruction

Nicole De Matteo, IWU
Strategy, Dance Instructor

Cailee Terven
Dance Instruction , Classroom supervision

Jasie Kelch
Mentor, Tutor, Classroom Supervision and Involvement

Dion Smith

Dion McNeal

John Parrott
Videography, Strategy

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